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Who are the Lucid Dreamers? At the moment the entire staff consists of two coders.

Aaron J. Ethridge is the lead developer for Lucid Dreamers and has been the president of Console Classix Inc. since its inception in 2001. As well as being president he is also the lead developer for Console Classix and has written everything from a Linux based server application that services thousands of users a day to a DLL file that makes interfacing emulators with CC's service a snap. His languages of choice are C++ for desktop development and PHP for web development. Aaron is a kind of complete renaissance man when it comes to computer work and has professionally done work ranging from simple PC repair to complex network engineering. He is an A+ certified computer technician and earned his MCSE during the days of Windows NT 4.0. In total he has over fifteen years of professional experience in the computer world.

Jonathan A. Cooper is the second coder in the Lucid Dreamers team. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1999 and was one of the co-founders of Console Classix Inc. From that time to this he has worked on a number of programming projects ranging from simple web coding to building the WINSOCK core of Console Classix's original windows-based server application. He has worked on a wide variety of projects with Aaron over the past fifteen years and was a natural choice for the second member of the Lucid Dreamers team.

A number of artists are also working for the team on a commission basis. The work they've already completed speaks for itself.

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