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Empires of Sorcery will have alternate planes of existence, similar to Master of Magic's planes of Arcanus and Myrror. We want to expand on that idea, and not only offer more than two planes, but potentially more different types of plane, as well. Our Prime Material Plane, analogous to “Arcanus,” is the sort of “normal” world, and most of our races will be native to it. The Shadow Plane, tainted with Negative Energy, will be the native home of our Undead race, and will be somewhat difficult for most other races to live in. The Radiant Plane will be a step from Prime in the opposite direction, overflowing with positive energy, where most races will find a charmed life. There will also be planes suffused with elemental energies, where elemental creatures abound and magics based on that energy are more powerful.
These planes will be connected by Portals which allow units to pass from one to another. Currently we propose to have two different systems for Portals, choosable at game creation. In one system, all Portals will connect to all Planes, thus giving relatively easy access to all worlds once the Guardian of the Portal has been defeated. In the alternate system, each Portal only provides passage between certain Planes, and leads to very different strategic considerations. In either system, a Portal will be mapped to the same X-Y coordinates in each Plane it touches.
Additionally, the number of Planes and the size of the base map will be chosen at game creation, so that the overall size of the game world depends on both of these factors.

Tentative List of Planes

Prime Material Plane
Plane of Shadow
Radiant Plane
Plane of Fire
Plane of Earth
Plane of Water
Plane of Air

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